I have always felt it important to get the facts out so that the public could make up their own mind about an issue in Mission Beach. Short Term Rentals is one of our biggest issues with investors having sucked up more than fifty-percent of the properties for their uses.

I put up many facts that were critical of short term rentals, or more frequently, jumped into a discussion and provided data on whatever point was being discussed. The vacation rental management companies down here, and there are quite a few listed below, panicked. Topping the list is 710 Beach Rentals. So they have a lot to gain and a lot to lose if the STR business is affected negatively.

I was suspended multiple times on Nextdoor, mostly for talking about the same topics too much, airport noise, e-scooters, and short term rentals. I must admit that Nextdoor offered a convenient platform for stating my case. But eventually, Blaine or Dane, or possibly one other resident who took offense to my data, complained one time too many and I was indefinitely suspended.

To put this into perspective, neither Blaine nor Dane reside in Mission Beach, although Blaine owns property, or more accurately pays the property taxes on a property in Mission Beach. But, he moved his business out of Mission Beach. And Dane is very simply an employee of 710 Beach Rentals, in spite of claims that he has his own business in Mission Beach. So, I don't even think they are eligible to be on Nextdoor Mission Beach.

But in any case, they make a habit of complaining and having opponents to short term rentals taken off of Nextdoor. Teri Suh-Youngs has also been removed from Nextdoor thanks to complaints from Blaine and or Dane. Teri has been a resident of Mission Beach for many years, but that is not enough to overcome the complaints of the outsiders. The Nextdoor communication provides some context to her removal, but is far from providing any reasonable rationale.

And oh yes, Blaine is the owner of "Save Mission Beach," which I refer to as "Save Blaine Smith." In his website, you can find numerous erroneous statements, but more importantly, he uses it to provide guidance to his followers for important Mission Beach Town Council votes.

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